The Arctic tundra is only 2.5 hours from Moscow by plane.
Naryan - Mar. Nenets Autonomous Okrug.
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Daily from 9:00 to 20:00
Winter food tour

Winter food tour

Delicacies of the Polar cuisine are waiting for you in our winter tour:

  • Venison dishes.
  • Lots of northern fish dishes.
  • Fried, baked thin slices of meat and fish.

According to your wishes, we can make a special and individual menu!

For you, dishes from the freshest products of the north!

The tour is held in the Reindeer herders' raw-hide tent or at the Hanaway Xia base.

Tour Details:

  • Both a 1-day tour and a 3-day tour are possible.
  • Groups from 2 to 8-10 people.

The cost of the tour:

  • from 15,000 to 20,000 rubles/person per day

Time of the event:

  • All year round.

Description of the tour for 1 day

Early morning meeting in Naryan-Mar.

By car we reach the village of Krasnoe. There is an introductory tour in the house of Masters. There is an opportunity to buy clothes or Souvenirs with fur of northern animals.

We are going to the Hanaway Xia Base, we have 50 km to go, there are stories and stories along the way. On the base we get acquaintance with reindeer, they walk near the house,a photo shoot with Art objects made of wood against the background of nature. Next comes a lunch of northern venison and fish products.

Then there is a tour of the area, you will see the Mokhnatka hill and the idol of wishes.

Arriving at the base after the tour,you will have dinner, fish, meat and wild fowl,we try local delicacies,after which we are given time to rest and collect things,after which we return to the village of Krasnoe, and from there by car to the city.

Description of the 3-day tour

Meeting in Naryan-Mar.

By snowmobile or car, we go to the village of Krasnoe. There is an introductory program in the house of Masters. You can buy clothes and Souvenirs from the fur of northern animals.

We are going to the Hanaway Xia Base, we have to go 50 km. Along the way, stops with stories and legends, stories. Upon arrival, lunch or dinner depends on the time of arrival. Acquaintance with reindeer, accommodation in a guest house. Northern bathhouse optional and dinner cooking in the fireplace on an open fire right in the house. Free time. A master class is possible.

In the morning, breakfast with northern delicacies and dressed we go to the mountain Mokhnatka. Sightseeing acquaintance, as well as statues in honor of the Big Sun holiday. Which takes place widely every 3 years. Lunch of local delicacies. We will drive to the idol of Wishes and return to the base. Fishing on a fishing rod is possible, in summer on spinning. Delicious dinner and bathhouse.

In the morning we wake up, have breakfast with local delicacies, collect things and return to Naryan-Mar.

Also, the stay time can be both increased and decreased individually. (We will coordinate with you)

Reservations are made in advance!


Venison dishes:

  • Deer leg baked over an open fire
  • Frozen reindeer meat in thin slices with onion and pepper

Fish dishes:

  • The freshest northern fish cooked according to my secret recipe.
  • Steamed herring with onion and black pepper
  • Fried navaga
  • Stewed navaga
  • Frozen fish thin slices of Whitefish and Broad Whitefish
  • Fried fish giblets on real fish oil
  • Burbot in milk
  • Fish thin slices
  • Burbot in milk

Everything is prepared and served to you from fresh products, or frozen the other day.

The freshest products are caught or bought before your arrival. If it is venison, then the deer is slaughtered the day before.

The offer includes a tour from 1 to 3 days, from 2 to 10 people,

all details are discussed.

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