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Olga Severova

In autumn, my friends and I made an unforgettable trip to the Hanaway Xia recreation center. The path passed along the right bank of the Pechora River. We got to the base for about two hours with short stops along the coast. Two days spent in unity with nature flew by unnoticed. Time seemed to have ceased to exist.

We were greeted with fish soup—I hardly ever ate such yummy. The base itself is a two—story log cabin, a real treasure trove of trophies. The children looked curiously at the skins of bears, foxes, moose and wolverines, saw stuffed birds. Well, the fact that nets hang on the walls and fish "swim" in them—led them to complete delight. Personally, I really liked the fireplace, which the owner of the campsite decorated himself with natural stones. There are many unusual things at the base: tea from a samovar—you immediately plunge 30 years ago; a ferret is a very interesting and curious animal that harmoniously gets along with dogs and cats; the giant is a structure for entertainment from childhood. At Hanaway, Xia, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Very comfortable accommodation (bathroom, bathhouse, gas stove). The children did not want to sleep in comfortable conditions, so they argued about who would sleep on a bearskin.

We especially liked the tourist route "Successful bite", where the male half staged a real tournament for the best catch. An unforgettable impression was left from visiting the Falcon Cliff. From a height of 57 meters, a stunning view of Pechora opens, and a 10-seater boat seems like a child's toy. Fyodor is the owner of the campsite "Hanaway Xia", a very interesting interlocutor, a man of the tundra, because he knows and loves it. He taught the children how to properly tear dry grass for making a fire, told the basics of survival in the tundra, told about the habits of birds and animals. I got the impression that he is not engaged in a campsite, but lives with it! He has a lot of ideas and plans for the future and we sincerely wish that everything worked out for him.

The Kanevs family

Interesting weekend at the base of Hanaway Xia, the Kanevs Family of Olga and Yuri and the children. Photos and comments TAKE A LOOK at the REVIEW

Oksana Kulinich

Gentlemen! )When you say- "I follow him or her to the end of the world! "- what do you imagine? I have never had images behind these words. Well, for the sake of honesty), I've never said such words. But! I still went to the end of the world for my beloved person))))))! I can hardly do with a couple of words to convey to you the vastness, power and splendor of this very "edge" where I was brought! )You know, in this place billions of stars want to fall on your head, a veil of clouds merges in a gentle waltz with eternal snows…and every next ravine or hillock seems to be running away from you. And you're all so brave of yourself-well, Figs-I'll get there, right there close! )No, Gentlemen, everything just seems! )In this place, you seem to see one endless dream at all, because you need to live there to believe in the existence of all this beauty!

On this edge of the world there lives one "snowman"! Only it's not all snow)! He has a warm heart, kindness, and a soul as boundless as the snows he owns! Does he know everything about this region? I think that even more than everyone, because it is possible and necessary to talk to him for hours, days! It is a pity that he does not have much time for this, because it is a colossal work, Gentlemen, to control the stars and snow boulders! )Only now he does it all so easily, as if somewhere under his countless clothes he hides a magic wand). Or maybe this wand is called love! Love for this categorically unique edge of the world! And you will definitely not be able not to love this place, I assure you! You know, as soon as a deer pokes you with its shaggy nose or hares arrange Formula 1 somewhere in the distance), you will post the heart is right there in the snow and you will bury it as a guarantee that you will come again. But you won't take your heart back, I'm ready to bet on anything! Well, if I lost the argument, then you are most likely heartless)!

I can't say that this trip was easy, by no means. If you're joking, then, girls, who are on silicone, you'd better go to the first line and spa hotel! )No offense, but you simply won't take silicone there)))), at best it will jump out of you, at worst-the lips will be in place of the eyebrows))). Well, or a helicopter as an option, or not in winter, then a boat and everything will be at its best too! Otherwise, the sleigh shakes so much that you just need to try to understand why I say so). But seriously, for such a trip, of course, you need to choose your season and, if, after all, in winter, then be sure to weigh the possibilities of your body! Although, there were children with us and they are alive and happy! )Do I want to go back there? Well, at least now I know for sure that I will follow my beloved to the end of the world), if only he would lead me to the same edge! ! ! Thank you, snow wizard, for taking care of this fairy tale!

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Hanaway Xia

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