The Arctic tundra is only 2.5 hours from Moscow by plane.
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Fishing in the Arctic

Fishing in the Arctic

Conditions and features of fishing at the Hanaway Xia Recreation Center

Fishing in the Arctic

A fisherman's paradise

Our recreation center provides an opportunity to catch trophy fish and cook yourself. You can fish from the shore and from a boat. This expands the capabilities of everyone and adds a lot of interesting nuances to the process.
Fishing rod, spinning, fly fishing—the choice is yours.
Want to catch your trophy?
We provide such an opportunity.

You can catch such types of fish as:

Pike; Perch;Ide; Navaga; Flounder, etc.

Those who like to use floating nets for catching especially valuable fish species will find a favorable offer from us. You can catch pink salmon, salmon, omul, whitefish. Please note that to do this, you need to notify us 14 days in advance. The condition is mandatory, since you need to purchase the appropriate license.

Advantages of the Hanaway Xia recreation center:

  • Two guest houses with all amenities;
  • Three meals a day;All kinds of fishing and hunting;
  • The opportunity to visit the camp of reindeer herders and hermit;
  • An all—inclusive option (accommodation, delivery to the base and back);
  • High-quality active recreation;
  • Adequate cost (the minimum offer is a group of 3-4 people). Booking without 50% prepayment is not valid!

 Winter fishing

Winter fishing
Winter fishing Winter fishing on rivers and lakes. For such fish breeds as pike, burbot, perch, grayling. Fishing at sea for such fish breeds as navaga, smelt,flounder, goby,polar cod, potion. Fishing with a fishing rod, a fishing pole (license is not required).
Individual approach to each client

Two in one

Spring pike hunting and Fishing in the Pechora River Delta May-June

The peculiarity of this tour is that this is the very end of the hunt, when the Pechora River has already opened. Ducks and geese have arrived. And pike perch ide whitefish rises into lakes and flooded shores to spawn. Bask in the spring sun, refresh yourself. Fishing takes place on spinning, fishing tackle.

You don't need a fishing license! Book it! Booking without 50% prepayment is not valid!

Summer fishing

Summer fishing
Summer fishing is our recreation center with fishing at an affordable price. And summer fishing is one of the most budget options for outdoor activities. I took a tackle and fished in any pond. Minimum costs and maximum advantages.

I am Fyodor and I invite you to the Hanaway Xia base. Here you are like at your dacha, but in the wild expanses of the tundra. And there is no one except you and a very small staff of 2-3 people. I very rarely have two groups staying at the same time. This is why this place is popular. Here you will definitely have a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We can arrange everything for you, from an exciting excursion, rental of the necessary equipment. Organization of 3 meals a day. Trips to the reindeer herders' camp or to the hermit. And much more.

The offer includes a 7-day tour,
6 days at the hunting site, the details are discussed.

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We offer three types of fishing:

  • Winter
    Winter on rivers and lakes. Does not require a license. Fishing is carried out with a fishing rod and a zherlice. In the first case, we can offer fishing for perch, grayling, burbot, pike. In the second, we are talking about such types of fish as smelt, goby, saika, flounder, potion. 
  • Spring
    Spring in combination with hunting two in one. Last from May to June. At this time, you can combine with fishing and at the same time hunt for geese and ducks that have arrived. Perch, pike, whitefish and ide rise to spawn. This is a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle, meet the sun and a warm breeze.
  • Summer
    Summer. The best option for a budget holiday with family, company or on your own. Imagine that you are in your own dacha, and around the tundra. Being alone with nature allows you to restore spiritual harmony, find peace and improve your body.Privacy is also possible because rarely both guest houses are occupied by guests, which means that you can relax without embarrassment and in the company of your choice. Besides you, there is no one at the recreation center, only a staff of 2-3 people. We will arrange excursions and rental of necessary equipment for you.



Winter Fishing tour. All inclusive":

  • Meals 3 times a day + tea, coffee, pies and cheesecakes from local berries at the fishing site. - 3000 rubles per day.
  • Accommodation in a guest house or huts - 3500 rubles. Bath -1500 rubles. hour
  • Transfer 10-15 km per day.
  • Transfer to Hanaway Xia or another place - 166 rubles\ km.
  • Conductor - 500 rubles.\ hour.
  • The cost of a five-day day - all inclusive - 97,000 rubles per person. for a group of 2 people .
  • Book right now before the end of the Promotion!!! Your price: 69,500 rubles per person. The reservation is valid if 50% prepayment is made.

The price of fishing depends on the number of selected services. Everything is being discussed, call.

Summer Fishing Tour:

The cost of the accommodation offer is 2000 rubles. per day, the minimum group of 3-4 people. We are a group of 3-4 people! We want to come for the weekend. We need gear! Transfer! Three meals a day! And a guide for all the rest time! Russian bathhouse! How much will such a vacation cost you?

The cost per person for a three-day tour is 6899 rubles. Delivery to and from the base and accommodation in a guest house are included. One excursion is 2-3 hours per group (without meals - independently). The cost with 3 meals a day is 9899 rubles per person per day. Delivery to and from the base and accommodation in a guest house are included.

One excursion is 2-3 hours per group. 3 meals a day in the house. The cost with 3 meals a day + on the route (lunches in the field) is 13,890 rubles per person per day. Delivery to and from the base and accommodation in a guest house are included.

One excursion is 2-3 hours per group. 3 meals a day in the house. Lunches or dinners in the tundra in nature (at the place of fishing). Additional services + Your capabilities. A guide for the rest period - 500 rubles. an hour Processing of trophies on fillets and safety - 100 rubles. from the dirty weight kg. Boat Barents - 540 with motor - 166 rub km . + plus the time of the conductor driver. Heated Russian bath + bath towel for each - 3000 rubles. per group for 1-2 hours.

Two-in-One Tour:

  • Tour for 3 days 65000 thousand. Everything is included.
  • 5-day tour 85,000 thousand. Everything is included.
  • Tour for 7 days 105 000 thousand. Everything is included.

Read more in the Spring Hunting tour (everything is discussed).

Call me and I'll tell you everything, 8 (911) 658 40 98 Uncle Fedor!

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